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Assessing Approximations for Gaussian Process Classification


Conference Paper


Gaussian processes are attractive models for probabilistic classification but unfortunately exact inference is analytically intractable. We compare Laplace‘s method and Expectation Propagation (EP) focusing on marginal likelihood estimates and predictive performance. We explain theoretically and corroborate empirically that EP is superior to Laplace. We also compare to a sophisticated MCMC scheme and show that EP is surprisingly accurate.

Author(s): Kuss, M. and Rasmussen, CE.
Book Title: Advances in neural information processing systems 18
Journal: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 18: Proceedings of the 2005 Conference
Pages: 699-706
Year: 2006
Month: May
Day: 0
Editors: Weiss, Y. , B. Sch{\"o}lkopf, J. Platt
Publisher: MIT Press

Department(s): Empirical Inference
Bibtex Type: Conference Paper (inproceedings)

Event Name: Nineteenth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2005)
Event Place: Whistler, BC, Canada

Address: Cambridge, MA, USA
Digital: 0
ISBN: 0-262-23253-7
Language: en
Organization: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
School: Biologische Kybernetik

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