Valentin Schwamberger
Position: Diplom Student
Room no.: 217
Phone: +49-7071-601-568

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Conference Papers
  • V. Schwamberger, MO. Franz (2010). Simple algorithmic modifications for improving blind steganalysis performance (Ed) Campisi, P. , J. Dittmann, S. Craver, Proceedings of the 12th ACM workshop on Multimedia and Security (MM&Sec 2010), ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, 225-230, 12th ACM Workshop on Multimedia and Security (MM&Sec 2010)
  • V. Schwamberger, PHD. Le, B. Schölkopf, MO. Franz (2010). The Influence of the Image Basis on Modeling and Steganalysis Performance In: Information Hiding, (Ed) R Böhme and PWL Fong and R Safavi-Naini, Information Hiding:12th International Conference (IH 2010), Springer, Berlin, Germany, 133-144, ISBN: 978-3-642-16435-4, 12th international Workshop (IH 2010)