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Post-Doc position

  • Tuebingen

The computational photography group at the Department of Empirical Inference at the MPI-IS in Tübingen and the Micro, Nano and Molecular Systems Group at the MPI-IS in Stuttgart are looking for a postdoc in the area of machine learning, particularly in the domain of inverse problems, deconvolution and phase retrieval, starting December 2018. 

PostDoc Position

Contact: Sabrina Jung Valentin Volchkov

PhD Fellowships at the Cambridge-Tübingen Machine Learning Program

  • Cambridge (United Kingdom), Tübingen (Germany)

This program is meant for doctoral candidates whose research interests are well matched to both the machine learning group in Cambridge (United Kingdom) and the MPI for Intelligent Systems in Tuebingen (Germany).

PhD Position

Submit your application to: camtue@is.mpg.de
Contact: Barbara Kreilkamp

Young Researchers Tübingen

  • Tuebingen

The newly established Minerva Research Group on Probabilistic Learning, headed by Isabel Valera, within the Department of Empirical Inference at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen, Germany, is looking for PhD students in the area of machine learning, particularly in Bayesian modeling and inference, starting early 2019.

PhD Position

Contact: Isabel Valera